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Welcome to your web site.  If you are a legally armed citizen, or a citizen that is looking for information on how to become legally armed, this web site is as much yours as it is the web designers.  This site is to obtain data and locate information that is beneficial to all legally armed citizens, and those who desire to join the ranks of legally armed citizens.  This site is continually updated to include all states that allow law abiding citizens to carry weapons.  We started with the Southern States because they contain the highest numbers of legally armed citizens.  We will continue to add additional states in the us map location (see us map in contents below).  If you find that your state is not included when you visit, please add you name, e-mail address, and state you reside, in the comment section so that we can advise you when your state has been completed.  

We add new states and update the data in this site as quick as we can.   If you would like to help us in this endeavor, get a few of the items we offer like: books, decals, hats, etc., so that we can employ more people to help with the data input for this site.  As you look at this site, it may seem easy just typing the data to get a site up and going.  Now consider that each state has very different laws and requirements on how to be legally armed in their state.  It is difficult to research and enter this into a easy reading format.  This is why we ask for assistance. If you are a dealer, wholesaler, distributor, gun school, firearm instructor, or manufacturer, help by advertising on this site.  What better arena could you place your advertising dollars than to be in front of millions of legally armed citizens who need your products and services.  Help us with our efforts.  Thanks.   

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